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As all iTrent clients are probably aware, the deadline for the Electric theme is swiftly approaching.  

MHR announced they would be making the Electric theme obligatory in the 10.34 release and that any previous versions of iTrent will be switched off in April 2020.

A lot of clients I have spoken to have migrated to the Electric theme and had a smooth transition over. On the other hand, I have spoken to clients who have not yet migrated to the new theme.

Although April 2020 seems far away, it’s really not.  In my experience of speaking to clients on a daily basis, who have migrated over to the Electric theme, they all faced some bumps along the way. 


In hindsight, the general feedback I get is that they are happy they migrated to the Electric theme sooner rather than later; not only so there is enough time to deal with any problems that arise but this allows time for their their users to adjust to the new system, making the transition as smooth as possible.

iTrent Electric Theme

The iTrent Electric theme is MHR’s new user interface for the iTrent HR & payroll system. The Electric Theme is intended to transform the experience for the system user. It’s responsive, encompasses an efficient navigation, consolidated homepage, convenient fast links and a radical reduction of forms, considerably increasing the speed and potency of everyday HR tasks.

iTrent screenshots: previous Cyan theme and new Electric theme.

Migration Process

MHR have launched three brand new iTrent Electric e-Learning courses to provide clients with a smooth transition to the electric theme, supporting them to meet the April deadline.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to leave the migration process to the last minute,  in fact quite the opposite is suggested.

It is recommended that clients move through the transition process as soon as possible. This will provide  you with ample time to parallel the system, whilst also giving the system users (your employees) as much time as possible to immerse themselves in the Electric theme.

So…time is of the essence! It is never too early to make the move over to the Electric theme.

I am currently working with some of the best consultants in the market who have a wealth of experience in migrating to the new Electric theme, so if this this something you need help with, let me know.

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