IT Works – Covid 19

Things seem very uncertain right now for individuals and businesses alike but the future is still ahead of us and the more prepared we are the better it is going to be. Whether you are one of our valued clients thinking about a planned project or one of our fantastic candidates looking for your next great role those processes don’t have to stop because of COVID-19.

Time is of the Essence – iTrent Electric Theme

Time is of the essence featured image on blog

As all iTrent clients are probably aware, the deadline for the Electric theme is swiftly approaching.   MHR announced they would be making the Electric theme obligatory in the 10.34 release and that any previous versions of iTrent will be switched off in April 2020. A lot of clients I have spoken to have migrated to […]

System Implementation vs Fitness Journey

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog, covering two things very close to my heart, and very popular in the world at the moment, IT and Fitness. The two generally don’t go hand in hand so bear with me… For those who don’t know me personally, I’m an avid fitness fanatic who (when out of […]