IT Works – Covid 19

Things seem very uncertain right now for individuals and businesses alike but the future is still ahead of us and the more prepared we are the better it is going to be. Whether you are one of our valued clients thinking about a planned project or one of our fantastic candidates looking for your next great role those processes don’t have to stop because of COVID-19.

ERP Implementation vs The Recruitment Journey

I’ve been reflecting a considerable amount over the previous couple of months around my journey in my time working within the recruitment industry, the challenges and successes which I’ve faced and the significance of these along with every milestone within my career. In many ways, there are transferable skills between this and an ERP implementation, […]

How to deal with failure and bounce back stronger.

Last night, 18 of the IT Works crew played a game of footy at our local football pitch. My team lost. 8-1. And to top it off, this happened (yes that’s me in the red shorts). How do you come back from such a battering? I’ll cover it off in today’s blog. In all […]

Why should you choose Epicor ERP 10?

Introduction Often when I’m speaking to candidates or clients it is quite interesting to hear their motivations behind choosing Epicor over any other ERP that is out there on the market. But what sets Epicor apart from the rest of the market and why more and more are companies making the business choice to move […]