ERP Implementation vs The Recruitment Journey

I’ve been reflecting a considerable amount over the previous couple of months around my journey in my time working within the recruitment industry, the challenges and successes which I’ve faced and the significance of these along with every milestone within my career. In many ways, there are transferable skills between this and an ERP implementation, […]

Writing A Killer NetSuite CV.

One of the biggest questions I get asked when speaking with candidates is “how does my CV” look or “how can I make my CV better”. This is a very good question, especially in the permanent market. Most commonly you will only be switching jobs a handful of times in a career, meaning you will […]

Knowing your worth in a niche marketplace

Recruiting in a niche marketplace has a huge amount of benefits, I find I am more connected within the market and also have a great understanding when it comes to IFS Applications. There have been many occasions when I speak with candidates and clients alike and they have been pleasantly surprised to speak to a […]