Permanent or Contract? Which is best for me…….

Permanent or Contract?

The timeless decision for many clients when recruiting a new ERP Consultant for their Epicor system is whether to go with a permanent resource or a shorter term, contract role?

In this latest vlog our Epicor Recruitment Specialist, Joe Anderton, gives his insight on this topic, different real life scenarios and how current global and local influences are impacting on client choices.

Joe will talk through the pros and cons of both and make suggestion on scenarios where one or the other might work better.

Next Steps

We’re 100% dedicated to finding our clients the RIGHT resource to match their needs so have no preference in suggestion.  The right option for you might not work for our next client and similarly what worked for you on your last project might not be right this time around.

Whether you’re looking for a Functional Consultant or a Technical Consultant; an Implementation Team, Epicor Analyst, and ERP Developer or any other niche role for the Epicor platform Joe would love to have a conversation and offer his advice on your next steps.  Get in touch.

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