Why Feeling cr@p at some point this week is OK…it’s actually brilliant.

At some point this week you will possibly feel low, maybe feel a little glum. You will speak to someone on the phone and they’ll be all ‘doom and gloom’, you’ll speak to a colleague and they’ll be grey, you’ll maybe even have a wobble yourself at some point. Why? Where did last week’s positivity […]

Knowing Your Worth in a Niche Market Place

Recruiting in a niche marketplace has a huge amount of benefits, I find I am more connected within the market and also have a great understanding when it comes to IFS Applications. There have been many occasions when I speak with candidates and clients alike and they have been pleasantly surprised to speak to a […]

Working Whilst on Holiday? Yes or No?

The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place as advances in technology grow stronger.

In our hyper-connected world, working whilst on holiday has become an easier option for many people.

But even if you can now work from anywhere, should you?