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Our Experts

We’re a people business and our people are the best in the business. It all starts with our bespoke 13 week training programme delivered by our dedicated internal Training Team.

IFS Experts

Chris Finch

IFS Permanent Specialist

Dean Gibson

IFS Contract Specialist

Owen Pye

IFS Contract Specialist

NetSuite Experts

Joe Lowe

NetSuite Contract Specialist

iTrent/ResourceLink Experts

Matt Stanley

iTrent/ResourceLink Contract Specialist

Workday Experts

Josef Abdel-Moneim

Workday Specialist

Epicor Experts

Joe Anderton

Epicor Specialist

Unit4 Experts

Scott Taylor-McCormick

Unit4 Specialist

Infor Experts

Robert Porter

Infor Specialist

German ERP Experts

Charlotte Wilson

ERP Specialist

Steven Proudman

ERP Specialist

Barrie Dewhirst

ERP Specialist